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  Dual SFX Evolution for PS3/PC Splitfish
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  Dual SFX Evolution for PS3/PC Splitfish  Dual SFX Evolution for PS3/PC Splitfish

Dual SFX Evolution for PS3/PC Splitfish

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Dual SFX Evolution for PS3/PC Splitfish

The Dual SFX Evolution is an innovative controller that is devided in 2 parts. This division allows a great flexibility to hold each "chuck". You can move each hand in any direction without constrictions. The Dual SFX Evolution offers you a superior interactive experience at console games and PC.

This controller offers the best possible control of an analogic joystick and you can use the SixAxis Function independantly on each "chuck" or emulate the movement of an analogic joystick moving the controller. It also offers the possibility to activate buttons by just moving your wrist.


    * A controller with many functions
    * Free and natural hold for both hands
    * Complete and independant SixAxis function on each side
    * The Evo Chuck emulates analogic joystick movement
    * Function to interchange the analogic joysticks.
    * Function to program movements ( not compatible with PC games).
    * Adjustable movement sensitivity.
    * Compatible with PS3 and PC
    * 2,4 Ghz wireless technology, reaches a maximum of 3.5 metres.
    * Updateable Firmware

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